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Australia reverses the changes to Parent visa- Increase in income requirement called off

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 17, May 2018

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Australian government has announced to reverse the changes made earlier in the parent category visa. The changes, which had made sponsoring the parents to Australia expensive for the immigrants faced huge resistance in the senate. The permanent residents and citizens of Australia has the right to sponsor their parents to Australia provided they meet the minimum income requirement for sponsors. The government recently increased this income requirement which faced huge roar and disapproval from opposition as well as migrant communities.

Turnbull Administration announced to reverse the Disputed changes

In view of rising anger from immigrant communities and opposition, Turnbull administration finally reversed the controversial changes, which doubled the income requirement for sponsors of Parent category visa. The sponsor of parent visa are those Australian immigrants, who wish to bring their parents to Australia.

The changes have been called off within one month of its implementation following the reaction from the people and various groups in the country. As per the reports government also feared the narrow loss on the floor of the senate regarding implementation of these changes. Hence, the government finally decided to reverse the controversial changes.

Changes Introduced in April faced huge uproar

The changes with regards to increase in the income requirement for sponsors announced in April, 2018. As per this rule, an individual wiling to sponsor his parents to Australia needed to have an annual income of $86,607, which was almost double of the income requirement, i.e. $45,000 as per the earlier regulation in this regard. The change clearly meant that only people with higher salaries can only sponsor their parents to Australia.

Government will reassess the applications received after April 18 changes

The government has announced that it is reversing the rule announced last month and will reassess the applications of the migrants who applied as sponsor after the April 18 changes. The different migrant communities (including communities from India and Australia) were unite to oppose the unfair rule that drastically increased in the income requirement. The struggle and movement of migrant communities and some other groups in socio-political domain, finally paid off as the government had to step back on this issue and consequently, rolled back the upsurge in minimum income requirement for the sponsors. Although the government has been taking step to control immigration in the Oz off late, however, it still cannot deny the need and requirement of immigrants in Australia to meet the skill shortage in the country.

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