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Australia Require Immigrants to foster Economic Growth- CEBR Report

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 09, Jan 2018

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Australia may soon become the 11th largest economy if it continues to allow the immigration influx in the country the way it is doing at the moment says a global report. The feat may get achieved in less than a decade, if it continues to perform like this. The research report in this regard has been revealed by the London based global entity, i.e. Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).

Australia Can Rise its ranking in World Economic League

Australia may boost in ranking by two places on world economic league table within the period of one decade, i.e. by 2026. Presently it ranks 13th in the list. As per the CEBR report, Australia has better chance of enhancing its economic growth and ranking high in the list as its economy doesnt rely largely on natural sources but on the manpower intelligence. This is how the economy of Australia has grown over the years and in this process, it also became one of the most desired immigration destinations in the world for immigrants.

Australia needs Skilled Workers for its skill shortage occupations

Australia invites highly skilled and talented workers every year from all over the world for its shortage occupations, and this one thing going to play a key part in growth and development of Australia in the years to come. However, if Australia decides against it, the results may also be just opposite in terms of economic slowdown, etc.

Australias immigration level has increased by 27 percent in last one year or so, which was just under 2, 00,000 in 2015-16. This drastic rise in immigration rate of Australia is massive compared to the fellow advanced nations, i.e. USA, UK and France. If immigration rate continue to grow like this, Australias population is expected to reach under 40 million by 2050. And major source of this population rise will be immigration.

Year 2018 is expected to be significant for immigration

The immigration level of Oz is expected to touch new heights in the year 2018. Australia every year releases high demand skilled occupation lists to invite applications from the skilled and talented immigrant workers from world over.

The online point based immigration system also ensure the hassle free entry of immigrants to Australia. Australia has designed several immigration programs and visa categories to allow immigrants in the country, i.e. Permanent Residency Visa, State Nominated Visa, Family Sponsored Visa, Spousal Visa, Visitor Visa, Student Visa, Temporary visa, etc. A skilled worker aspire to live and work in Australia need to choose the relevant visa category and subsequently, submit EOI (Expression of Interest) to be considered for the desired visa category.

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