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Australia Ranks among Top 5 countries in the world to live

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 24, Jan 2020

visas default image Australia has been ranked among the top five countries in the world based on various parameters of human living as per the best countries ranking 2020 released by US News and World Report. Australia is sixth largest country in the world by area and an incredible place to live.

The survey was conducted on total 20,548 people(including informed elites, business decision-makers and general public) from 36 countries in four different regions, i.e. Asia, USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. On most of the parameters, Australia ranked in either top 5 or top 10 countries of the world and obtained overall 5th position in the list of best countries.

Australia Ranks among top 10 countries for several parameters

A few of the key parameters to rank the countries were Quality of life, Citizenship, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Green living, Education, etc.

Category Australia Ranking
Comfortable Retirement 2
Quality of Life 5
Overall parameters 5
Education 7
Green Living 8
Citizenship 8
Raising Children 9
Women 9
Transparency 9
Entrepreneurship 9

Australia got the best ranking i.e. 2nd rank for Comfortable Retirement parameter, while it was at no.5 for Quality of life as well as based on the overall parameters. It ranks among top 10 countries for Education, Citizenship and for raising children, etc. criteria.
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In the list of 2020 best countries based on Overall parameters, Switzerland leads the tally followed by Canada, Japan, Germany, while Australia is at No. 5 position, i.e. ahead of top immigration destinations, such as, USA and UK.

Australia one of the best countries to live, work and settle

Australia is best countries to immigrate as it needs skilled workers and invite them every year through an organized point based system. Australian government is every year inviting 1, 60,000 skilled workers through its key permanent and temporary skilled visas.

It every year releases a high demand occupation list and based on this list, it invites the foreign skilled workers every year.

Hence, if you want to apply visa in Australia this year, it advised to get assistance from a trusted and registered Australia immigration consultant.

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