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Australia Ranks among the Top 10 countries for Citizenship and Quality of life

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 01, Feb 2019

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Australia has always been a magnet for people seeking citizenship and permanent residency in an advanced country. It has proved best country time and again for permanent settlement as well. The recent survey from US News and World Report reaffirms Australia's status as one of the best country for immigration aspirants. In the recent survey Australia has been ranked among the top 10 countries for citizenship and quality of life.

Australia among top 10 countries

The US News and World Report conduct a survey every year on top 80 countries of the world interviewing more than 20,000 nationals. This survey ranks the countries based on multiple parameters of human living. Australia has always done well in this survey. In fact, Australia is 3rd best country in the world based on comfortable retirement. Find below Australia's ranking in this survey based on different parameters.

Global Ranking of Australia based on different Parameters

Category Global Ranking
Overall Ranking 7
Comfortable Retirement 3
Citizenship 8
Quality of Life 7
Raising Children 8
Women 8
Education 6
Green Living 11

Best for Citizenship and Quality of life

Australia's ranking based on citizenship and quality of life speaks a lot as to how good it is for immigrants for settlement and permanent residency. This rating also crucial to understand, especially, when we talk about recent immigration stance and policy of Australian government. Although, the federal government of Australia has tried to streamline the immigration process and in the process took some tough decisions, however, still one cannot deny that it's a top destination for immigration and permanent residency. It is evident from the above ranking that still there are huge number of people who consider Australia as best destination for citizenship.

No. 3 for Comfortable Retirement

This parameter is the special one to determine status of a country. In the US News and World survey several people considered Australia as their first choice for comfortable retirement. This feature of a country include some key aspects, i.e. tax system of a country, cost of living, quality of life and cultural accessibility, etc. Australia is right up there in the list based on all these parameters.

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