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Australia may not eliminate Doctors from its 2017 Skilled Occupation List

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 29, Dec 2016

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Australia may sustain the occupation of doctors in its Skill Occupation List (SOL) in 2017, in spite of all the questions raised about the same. The debate is going on for a long whether or not the occupation of healthcare providers stay in the Skilled Occupation List as a group of people believes that Australia now has enough doctors to cater to the healthcare needs of Australians.

What is Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia?

Australian government every year releases a list of those occupations, which are highly in demand across various states and territories of Australia. This list is called the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia. This list is updated every year by the government and consequently, a few occupations get added and few get deleted from the SOL, as per the current demand of occupations across Australia.

Doctors are likely to remain in 2017 SOL

In the recent past, a few stakeholders consistently emphasizing on eliminating the doctors from SOL, saying that Australia now has enough qualified doctors to meet the local healthcare needs. However, at now, doctors are likely to remain in the list. It means the foreign doctors, i.e. surgeons, GPs, and anesthetists, etc. will still be able to apply for skilled visa in Australia under the Skilled Migration Program. However, the most of job vacancies for them will be available in rural Australia.

Shortage occurs in Rural parts as Doctors prefer to work in Cities

The government is convinced about the fact that shortage of doctors is still there in rural parts of Australia. This is largely due to both Australian and foreign doctors desire to work in cities and towns instead of rural parts of the country.

Hence, Australian government is looking in no mood to remove the Doctors from the next Skilled Occupation List, when it is released probably in July 2017. However, it might be possible that the overseas doctors will be issued visa on the condition that they be in agreement to work in the rural parts of Australia.

Despite the claim by health department that shortage is over, the government only removed 4 occupations from the total 41 occupations from Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of 2016-17. The occupations that were removed from the list were technicians and therapists, dental hygienists, prosthetists. Moreover, eight were marked for possible elimination; however, most of them were sustained by the government.

Planning to get Visa in Australia as a Doctor or any other skilled professional?

If you are planning to get visa in Australia as a doctor, you must coordinate with a reliable Visa and immigration expert to prepare your immigration file fast. Though, government is likely to sustain the occupation of doctors in its next SOL, however, the conditions may get difficult for you in coming months if you delay the decision for a long. Hence, you must grab your place as early as possible to obtain the visa and work in Australia.

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