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Australia is likely to double its yearly immigration by 2054 and subsequently enhance its economy

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 09, Nov 2016

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As per the latest report by Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), boost in immigration will result in outstanding economic advantages for the people of Australia. The immigration to Australia is already significant and further increase will not only be tremendous for skilled migrants, but also for the growth and development of Australia.

Australia may double its migration by 2054

The report claims that Australia may double its yearly migration in the next 40 years, which will largely profit the average person in Australia. However, key provisions and long term plans for infrastructure, population growth, congestion in big cities, and environmental degradation, would be the key for this to happen.

Key Changes Recommended by the report- Migration: the economic debate

The report called Migration: the economic debate released by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia has recommended 17 key points to enhance the migration program of Australia. As per the report, changes are essential in order to ensure that Australias migration program remains the best one in the world.

The increase in net overseas migration in Australia may rise to 400,000 by 2054

As of now, the net migration in Australia as per 2014-15 records, registered an annual increase of 168,200 people, courtesy Bureau of Statistics Australia. However, as per CEDA, this number may well rise to 400,000 by 2054, if the recommended changes are made to the current migration program. And this will result in exceptional economic benefits to Australia.

The CEO of CEDA Stephen Martin stated that the migration program in Australia had the immense support from community; however, a few aspects always had the capacity to weaken this support.

Strong Community support for Migration is required

The issues with regards to migration have increased in the recent past, both internally and externally, which are result of creeping fear as well as security concerns, mentioned Martin.

Hence, key steps need to be taken in terms of public policy improvement, so that earlier community support can be sustained once again with regards to migration. The temporary and permanent migrants in the country need to be treated equally well.

Amendments needed in 457 visa program

The report seeks key amendments in the 457 visa program to prevent the exploitation of the overseas temporary workers in Australia. It also emphasizes to revamp the skilled migration and recommends the representation of unions, independent experts and businesses in the ministry advisory council.

The 17 recommendations of the CEDA report include:
  • Offer a stronger model for determining occupation shortages with regards to 457 visas.
  • Proposed the universal points test for permanent skilled migrants and make strict requirements relating to age, English-language proficiency and skills
  • Assessment and limit the working holiday visa program and possibly launch a purpose-built guest worker program for explicit industries, finding difficult to magnetize enough low-skilled workers.
  • Penalty for exploiting migrant workers should be increased
  • Enhance settlement services and support, way in to English language pro-grams and acknowledgment of foreign qualifications.

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