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Australia is Likely to announce new Aged Parent Visa

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 11, May 2017

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The Australian government may soon announce the new Aged Parent Visa with some key changes. The new changes in this visa program may likely to benefit the immigrants in Australia, who are looking to sponsor their aged parents to Australia to be with them. Australia is one of the top immigration destinations of the world and a home to millions of immigrants living here on temporary as well as permanent basis.

Australia provides an opportunity to the permanent residents and citizens in the country to sponsor their eligible parents and grandparents for relevant parent visa categories. The new visa category is likely to justify governments commitment to support family renunciation in Australia.

New Aged Parent Visa

The Australian ministers are looking to launch 5-year temporary visas for the parents of those Australian immigrants, which are settled well in the Oz. The Australia may issue 15,000 of such visas annually with the price of $10,000 per visa, as per the reports. This 5- year visa is likely to be a renewable visa for further five years at a time.

The people applying for this visa will have to buy private health insurance as well. The government of Australia has already elucidated that it will not let the old age people from outside Australia to be a burden on the healthcare system of the country.

The Australian immigrants sponsoring their aged parents and grandparents to Australia will also have to sign a bond, etc. of close to $5000, as an assurance to provide financial support to the old age parents. It is to be noted that only Australian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents to Australia. A three-year visa is also underway.

Language proficiency

Australian government has recently made some tough changes in its key visa programs, i.e. announcing the removal of 457 visa program and making the Australian citizenship requirements stricter. The new Aged Parent visa may also see some likely changes, i.e. requirement of English Language proficiency.

The decision on Aged Parent Visa was on cards

The decision regarding Aged Parent visa was on cards, as the discussion paper regarding the same was released in September 2016. There is a key concern with the current contributory aged parent visa, which has the processing time of 30 year, except for the fact that a fee of $47,295 for the main applicant and 44,845 for the spouse. Hence, this visa does not really magnetize vast number of applicants at now. With the new $10,000, more and more people are expected to apply for this Australian visa.

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