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Australia Introduced New Temporary Work Visas w.e.f. November 2016

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 03, Dec 2016

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The Immigration Department of Australia has launched new temporary work visas as Temporary activity visa framework changes w.e.f. November 19, 2016. The government has closed a few of the old visas in this category and subsequently, introduced the new visa categories with essential key changes.

Which are the new Temporary Visas launched by the government?

Here are the four new temporary Work Visas launched by the government:
  • Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa
  • Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) visa
  • Subclass 407 Training visa
  • Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa.

The visa applications submitted before November 19, 2016 will be processed as per the immigration rules in practice at that point of time, i.e. before 19th November, 2016. However, the visa subclasses active for temporary activity visa framework would be closed after 19th of this month.

Visas Closed w.e.f. November 19, 2016

The below visa categories will be closed after November 19, 2016:
  • Subclass 401 Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity) visa
  • Subclass 402 Training and Research visa
  • Subclass 416 Special Program visa
  • Subclass 420 Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa
  • Subclass 488 Superyacht Crew visa.

The new visa framework has been designed to make the temporary work visa process simpler for the applicants. As per the government, it will lessen the excessive formalities for the industries, individuals, and businesses by eliminating the requirement of nomination and sponsorship for the particular short term works or activities.

Key Details of New Temporary Work visas

The new subclasses are launched on November 19, 2016, to allow the selected candidates to visit Australia for temporary work or particular activity. Let’s take a look at the key details of these new visa subclasses.

Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa

This particular visa has been launched for the applicants who wish to visit Australia temporarily in order to
  • Begin highly specialized, short-term, non-ongoing work and
  • in certain conditions, partake in an activity or work with regards to the interest of Australia

Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) visa

This particular visa has been designed for those applicants, who wish to come to Australia temporarily:
  • With regards to a bilateral agreement
  • To partake in the Seasonal Worker Program.
  • To represent an overseas government or to teach a foreign language in a school of Australia.
  • to take up full-time house hold or domestic work for a foreign diplomat
  • As an individual with legal privileges and immunities

Subclass 407 Training visa

This particular visa has been launched for the individuals, who wish to visit Australia on a temporary basis in order to take up an occupational training, partake in classroom based professional development activities.

Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa

This visa has been designed for the individuals, who wish to come to Australia in order to:
  • Partake in a non-ongoing social or cultural activities (on invitation of an Australian organization)
  • Work in the entertainment industry
  • work as a super yacht crew member
  • Examine or partake as an academic or scholar in a research project
  • Carry out full-time religious work
  • Partake in a special program to improve cultural exchange and foreign relations and take part in high-level sports (including training)
  • Get employed in a skilled position under a staff exchange agreement
  • Partake in an event approved and authorized by the government of Australia
  • Take up full-time household or domestic work in the house of certain senior foreign executives.

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