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Australia Immigration- Know About Key Benefits & Payments Given to Families & Children by Government in Australia

Posted - 15, Dec 2015

Australia is an ideal country to live, work, business, study, and get settled. There are thousands of immigrant families settled in Australia today and many are eying to immigrate here as and when they get the approval for the same. However, its quite crucial to understand the environment and settlement procedure of any country before you actually immigrate there. As far as Australia is concern, it has got the tremendous infrastructure, working conditions, and programs and benefits for the immigrants in the country. Lets explore a few of such benefits and payment, which are especially planned and launched by the Department of Social Services in Australia for families and children.

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Benefits, Services & Payments

There are a variety of benefits, services, and payments launched by the government here in Australia for the parents, in order to help them upbringing the children from infants to teens and for the younger ones, after leaving their home.

? Newborn Supplement and Newborn Supplement and Newborn Upfront Payment

This particular benefit or payment is given to those families, which are eligible to get the Family Tax Benefit Part A. It is given to for the care of newborn baby or adopted kid or a kid under the age of 1 year.

?Stillborn Baby Payment

The Stillborn Baby Payment provides the support in the extra expenses linked with the stillborn child.

?Paid Parental Leave Scheme

This particular scheme provides a working mother the financial support to be with the newborn baby at home or an adopted child in those crucial first months.

?Dad and Partner Pay

This is the benefit/payment being provided to eligible fathers or partners. It is the 2 weeks Dad and Partner Pay being offered at the national minimum wage, so such fathers can be at home with newborn baby during this crucial period of their life to support the mother.

?Family Tax Benefit

Its basically the payment which supports with the cost of upbringing children. This benefit has two parts, i.e. Part A and Part B.

? Schoolkids Bonus

The Schoolkids Bonus helps eligible families and students with the education related costs of primary and secondary school studies, such as school fees, uniforms, books and sports, music or other lessons.

? Transition to Independent Living Allowance

The Transition to Independent Living Allowance supports young people making the transition from formal out-of-home care (formal care) arrangements to independent living.

Other general benefits and payments DSS Benefits & Payments.


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