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All Visas Avenue Offices will remain closed and working from home till 17th May

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 04, May 2020

visas default image Please note that all the Branch Offices and The Head Office of Visas Avenue Pvt. Ltd. Pan India will remain closed till Sunday 17th of May during the 3 rd Phase of the National Lockdown imposed by the Central and State Governments in an effort to break the chain and prevent further spread of COVID-19.

As a consequence of which the State Borders are in a temporary but effective state of sealing and Public Transport is either Offline or Not Available, Due to which we are extending our Work From Home (W.F.H) till the 17th of May. We hope that you are keeping yourself and your near and dear ones safe and healthy by following the instructions of the respective governments of your local domicile. We will get back to you as soon as the Lockdown is lifted and inform you about the change of our Operational Status the moment the situation on the ground changes for the better.

Be safe and stay healthy.



Visas Avenue Pvt. Ltd.


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