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After Canada, New Zealand website also received massive traffic from US- Chaos after Trump’ Victory continues to rise

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 16, Nov 2016

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The chaos after Donald Trump’s win in the US Presidential Elections continues to rise. After the news that Canadian immigration website has crashed in the latest event, New Zealand’s official immigration website received a huge traffic from USA.

The US elections seem to be influencing the whole world at the moment as there extreme reactions being seen all over the world after Trump’s win.

Enormous traffic seen on Immigration New Zealand Website

New Zealand website has seen a drastic rise in the number of visitors from US after Trump’s win in the latest US Presidential elections held on November 8, 2016 as per the reports by ‘the Guardian’. Immigration New Zealand website received 56,300 visitors from USA in the period of 24 hour. It’s a huge number considering the usual number of daily visits is just 2300 on an average.

The other key government website of NZ, i.e. New Zealand Now saw 70,500 visitors from USA during the same period. New Zealand Now provides key information on studying, working, and making investment in the NZ.

In access of 7000 Americans registered for NZ visa

As per the latest reports, more than 7000 users from USA got registered themselves for NZ Visa on the website of Immigration New Zealand in the last 24 hours, while only 3,000 Americans register for the same in a usual month. Hence, at now, New Zealand is one of the countries, which are feeling the heat of US Presidential election results, though; it’s not the only one.

Canada is also facing heat of US Election Results

Canada is the country that his feeling the heat of US election results to a great extent. During the night of Presidential Elections, Immigration website of Canada got crashed due to huge traffic received from the USA.

In the coming months the impact of Trump’ victory would be seen worldwide. It’s not just about Americans moving to different parts of the world, the immigration to USA will also get affected to a large extent. Donald Trump has shown his intentions about slashing the number of immigrants coming to USA every year. Hence, the USA that already has strict immigration rules after 9/11 may further tighten its immigration rules to cut down immigration in the country. It will have huge impact on the immigration across the world as the people who aspire to immigrate to Canada will find other similar and much convenient countries to move. And we have already seen that Canada and New Zealand top the list of such countries.

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