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A Few Key Soft Skills You Must Acquire as a New Immigrant in Canada

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 05, Feb 2016

visas default image Canada is known as a migrant friendly country that welcomes thousands of skill migrants, businessmen, and students on an annual basis. It also provides ideal environment, facilities, infrastructure, and conditions for immigrants to settle in Canada in a hassle free manner. However, the immigrants coming here in large numbers also need to work on certain behavioral aspects to smoothly get settled in Canada.

Importance of Soft Skills for Immigrants
The soft skills are not your technical skills, i.e. computer knowledge or experience, etc. however, it has got more to do with your behavioral aspects, i.e. communication skills, interpersonal skills, attitude, confidence, integrity, leadership skills, organizational behavior, etc. Soft Skills are the crucial aspect, which most of the employers in Canada look out for and which, most of the immigrants lack as per Nick Noorani, an author, motivational speaker, and an Indian immigrant in Canada.

Key Soft Skills Immigrants must acquire
Some of the key soft skills are as follows:

  • Flexibility: As a newcomer, you must be ready to be flexible in terms of learning new things, concepts, and attaining new methods of doing things.
  • Taking criticism in a positive manner: There are very few people who take the criticism in a positive way and learn from it. You must have the guts to take your criticism positively and act upon your mistakes.
  • Communication skills: The written and verbal communication skills of very high standards in both English and French are quite essential for you to become successful in Canada. Make sure that your key skills and experience does not get overshadowed by your poor communication skills.
  • Take initiative: You have to take initiatives and show your leadership skills to get noticed by the management. Always be innovative with your ideas and approach.
  • Interact with people: Interacting with the people and the community is the key aspect of soft skills. Your good relations with people, colleagues, friends, etc. not only good for you, but also get noticed at your work place. Learn to talk to people on small or important issues, sports, surroundings, etc.
  • Negotiations and issues settlement: In Canada, being a team man will always benefit you. Don’t keep the grudges deep or intact with you, open up, resolve your differences or conflicts, and learn to negotiate matters.
  • Industry/business/corporate etiquettes: Corporate etiquettes are quite essentials, although not much talked about in most of the trainings and educational courses. Adhering to norms and rules, eye contact, general manners, handshake, etc. are the small but very important behavioral aspects in the business industry.
  • Presentation skills: Presentation skills are rated very high in business and corporate world. Whether it’s about speaking in meetings, addressing a seminar or gathering, etc. Good presentation skills always establish your position higher in the organization and you are seen as a prospective leader.
Get the Assistance from an Expert
If you wish to immigrate to Canada, you must start gathering all the essential information with regard to Language proficiency, key skills, and other settlement aspects in Canada. It is suggested to the assistance, guidance, and support from a reliable Canadian Immigration Consultancy for the immigration procedure and key settlement aspects in Canada.

Find the Key Support to Apply for Canadian Immigration
When it comes to Canada Immigration, it’s not just about following the Canada Immigration Procedure, but also gathering a proper knowledge and updates with regard to federal benefits, job opportunities, health care system, housing options, and also getting the key information about the Immigrant Serving Organization and other support systems available for the new immigrants.

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