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7th Express Entry Draw of 2017 is expected to be positive & on time despite early previous draw

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 06, Mar 2017

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The unexpected Express Entry Draw results in 2017 continue to surprise the applicants of Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Express Entry is the most popular immigration program to obtain permanent residency in Canada. And this year, the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has kept the EE draw result positive to ensure that more and more receive the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian PR.

Early 6th EE draw surprised the applicants

The 6th draw of express entry this year, surprised most of the applicants as it opened much before the scheduled date. Usually, IRCC launch the express entry draws every fortnight to issue the invitations to the express entry applicants with top CRS Score (immigration points earned based on experience, education, language skills, etc. factors) to apply for Canadian PR. IRCC announce a minimum CRS score requirement for every draw, and candidate profiles, which are able to achieve the qualifying score, gets invitation to apply (ITA).

However, last time around, the IRCC launched the draw within a week (on March 1st 2017), i.e. well before the expected date. If you think this was a surprise, the bigger surprise was the record draw results. The draw created a history with lowest qualifying marks or CRS Score requirement (434 points) and highest number of invitations (i.e. 3,884) ever issued by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada in any Express Entry Draw.

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Hence, the last draw gave chance to huge number of applicants to apply for Canadian Permanent residency and move to Canada along with their families once the visa application is accepted and approved. Now, the last draw raised another question in the minds of the applicants as to when the next draw will be launched and where it will stand in terms of results

What are the expectations from the upcoming 7th Express Entry Draw?

As the last EE draw launched early, speculations and discussions are already on peak among the candidates with regards to the 7th EE Draw. The big question is whether the next draw will follow the same schedule or the launch dates will be changed in view of early launch of previous draw. However, looking at the positive draws so far and intentions of IRCC to invite more and more candidates, it seems that draw will be as per the earlier schedule and previous draw launch is unlikely to impact it. The second curious question applicants are having is about the draw results, i.e. whether the qualifying marks will be further down to invite more candidates or it will be otherwise. Well, the way unexpected thins happened in EE draws in last few weeks, it is hard to comment about the results. However, the thing we can comment about is that it is unlikely to see a major augment in the qualifying marks. This too can be satisfying news for any applicant registered in Express Entry.

It’s high time to think of Canada immigration and PR

If you wish to move to Canada, this is high time you take action and get registered in the Canadian Express Entry System. If you are a first time applicants hiring a genuine Canadian immigration Consultancy firm can be really helpful and vital.


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