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Lowest Ever Qualifying Marks (434 Points) in 6th Express Entry Draw of 2017, Pleasantly Surprised Candidates

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 02, Mar 2017

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The lowest CRS score requirement from IRCC in the 6th express entry draw of this year has pleasantly surprised the applicants with low qualifying marks. Applicants with qualifying marks 434 and above will get ITA from IRCC. Lets take a look at the key statistics of the draw

Key Statistics of the EE draw

  • The Draw is open from March 01, 2017 to March 02, 2017
  • The qualifying marks required for the draw are 434 points or more
  • A total of 3,884 candidates will get the Canadian PR invitation in the draw.

The CRS score Requirement in the draw is reduced to 434, points, as a result the record 3,884 number of candidates will be able to receive the IRCC invitation for Canadian PR.

Falling trend in qualifying marks continues

The falling trend of the qualifying marks in the EE Draws, in the year 2017 continues. In the last draw of Express entry it was reduced to record low, i.e. 441 points and in the present draw it created yet another record as first time candidates with CRS score 434 or above will get IRCC invitation for PR.

Looking to apply in the EE Draw in 2017 to obtain Canada PR?

If you are looking to apply for Canada immigration in the year 2017, this is the perfect time to apply, in view of reduced qualifying marks. You may contact the most experienced Canadian immigration expert at Visas Avenue to prepare your immigration file and apply earliest in the program. Send your queries and details to the expert at for further assistance.

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