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26th Express Entry Draw Likely to Follow the Ongoing Trend of falling CRS Score & Increasing Invites

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 20, Jan 2016

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The Express Entry System of Canada Immigration, launched in January 2015, remained in the news throughout the year for some reason or other. It won appreciation for being point based and organized, at the other end, it has to face criticism also from some experts for being too strict and consequently, decreasing the immigration rate in Canada. However, after the induction of new liberal government of Canada, the buzz is around with regard to the reforms to be done on Express Entry System to make it more immigrants friendly and lenient, as per the pre-announced liberal policies.

The Impact of New Government has been perceptible on EE Draws in the year 2015-16

After the induction of a new government in Canada, the Express Entry draw trends seemed positive in the favor of the applicants. If we take a look on the last six draws (November 2015 onwards), we will see a positive trend for the applicants.

Last 6 Draws of Express Entry since November 2015

Draw No. 20th Draw 21st Draw 22nd Draw 23rd Draw 24th Draw 25th Draw
CRS Score Requirement 484 472 461 460 461 453
No. of Invitations 1506 1559 1451 1503 1463 1518

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The above trend clearly indicates that the number of invitations, although, had been a bit volatile, however, remained above 1500 most of the time, whereas the qualifying marks (CRS Score requirement) have been consistently decreasing. The fall in qualifying marks indicates that more and more number of candidates will be able to get the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residency in Canada.

The 26th Express Entry Draw Expectations

In view of the ongoing trends the 26th Express Entry Draw (3rd of year 2016) is likely to see the low qualifying marks close to 450 or below and the number of invitations beyond 1500. The other reasons to believe that is various PNPs in waiting for the year 2016, (which increases CRS score of the candidates through nominations), and the liberal’s flexible immigration policies, which would like to make up for the under achieved immigration target in the year 2015.

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