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24th Express Entry Draw- Will the positive draw trends continue to invite huge number of applicants?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 07, Nov 2016

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With record number of invitations in the last two draws, expectations from the upcoming express entry draws have increased drastically. The candidates with qualifying marks 450-470 are now fancying their chances of getting ITA (Invitation to apply) from IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada).

Lets take a look at the trends in previous EE Draws to understand the future impact of the same.

Draw Trends in last few draws

The draw trends have been exceptionally positive in last few draws. There is a consistent rise observed in the Canadian PR invitations vide last few express entry draws. In 22nd draw of 2016, highest number of Canadian PR invitations (i.e. 1804) sent to the candidates. However, the record couldnt be maintained for a long as in the very next draw IRCC invited 2080 candidates to apply for permanent residency visa in Canada. It was the highest ever PR invitations issued by IRCC. This was become possible due to significant fall in the qualifying marks or CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score requirement from IRCC.

What are the expectations from 24th draw of Express Entry?

Well, the 24th EE draw is expected to continue the ongoing trend, i.e. the qualifying marks may either be stable around 470 mark or it will reduce further to invite more number of immigrants in the next draw of express entry system.

There are obvious reasons to believe that as well. As we are heading towards the end of year 2016, IRCC has the pressure of meeting its yearly immigration target. And to achieve the same, it is likely to reduce the qualifying marks in upcoming draws, so that more and more applicants can be invited for to apply for the PR in Canada.

Why you must apply in Express Entry system now?

If you are planning to move to Canada for a long time, this is the time you must take a concrete step and register yourself in the express entry system. If you create your profile on express entry now and achieve the good CRS score, you have every chance of securing the ITA for PR Visa from Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada. So, get your immigration file prepared now with coordination with a reliable immigration expert or Visa consultant and register fast on the popular express entry system of Canada immigration.

How to get vital support to register on express entry to obtain the PR visa for Canada?

To get inclusive support and assistance to apply in Express Entry system of Canada immigration, you may coordinate with Visas Avenue Immigration- A reliable and genuine Visa and immigration advisory company in India. Once you subscribe for Visas Avenue immigration consultancy service, you are sure to get comprehensive support in online profile creation, documentation, visa application filling, application pre-assessment and so on.

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