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24th Draw of Express Entry Likely to see the Decrease in CRS Score and Upsurge in PR Invitations

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 26, Dec 2015

visas default image The much awaited 24th Express Entry Draw is expected to see the considerable fall in the Qualifying marks or CRS Score and also the rise in the number of PR invitations. The 24th Express Entry Draw is likely to be somewhere ending of this year in view of the Christmas Holidays. And hence, it will be the last Express Entry Draw of year 2015.

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The 24th Draw is likely to be Favorable for Immigration Applicants

The Express Entry Draw No.24 is likely to see the fall in qualifying marks and it might go down to 450 points, which will be great good news for the applicants having the CRS Score close to the same. There are various reasons to expect the favorable 24th draw for the Canadian Immigration Applicants. The ongoing trend of low qualifying marks and a rise in the number of invitations is an indication that the immigration is going to be positive towards applicants in the upcoming draws as well. Let’s take a look on a few of these reasons.
  • The Immigration Target for the Current Year not achieved
As already discussed, 2015 might see the one more and probably the last draw of Express Entry System at the end of the year. However, the immigration target for the year has not been achieved till now. Hence, the current Express Entry Draw might see the decrease in the qualifying marks and subsequently, the rise in the number of invitations for Canadian PR.
  • Skill Shortage in the country
The various industries in Canada are facing skills shortage and hence, the demand of skilled immigrant has increased across the labour market of the country. Hence, the rise in the number of invitations is due in the coming draws of Express Entry System.
  • PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) want the Skilled Migrants
There are various provinces in Canada, looking for the quality migrants in the country and hence, emphasizing in nominating the candidates from an Express Entry pool or from the Express Entry System (candidates not in the pool). Hence, in view of the demand of PNPs the number of nominated candidates might increase as well, subsequently increasing the total number of invitations for PR.

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How to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency Visa via Express Entry System?

If you are applying for the Canadian Visa for the very first time, the processed associated with the same may confuse you to a great extent. Canada has a point based system of Immigration. The Express Entry system is the main Immigration Program of Canada to select and invite candidates for PR in Canada.

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