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19th draw of Express Entry this year! Will the Qualifying Marks come down below 500?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 01, Sep 2016

visas default image The last draw of Express entry amazed everyone by hitting the highest CRS Score Requirement (Qualifying marks) of 2016. The express entry applicants, waiting for the qualifying marks to come down to somewhere around 450, were really taken aback by the draw results. In the year 2016, the expectations from the each EE draw is so high that people start speculating about the next draw, as soon as one draw is declared.

Why eagerness for EE draws is so high this year?

Well, it has lot to do with the draw results itself. You will notice the visible difference, if you compare the express entry draw results of last year and this year. The Qualifying marks or CRS score Requirement last year remained close to 450-470 mark most of the time, which consequently raised the number of invitations to 1500 mark maximum time. Hence, more number of applicants got PR invitations last year.

On the contrary, this year, the qualifying marks remained above 480 mark most of the time, bringing down the number of invitations per draw close to 750 mark every time. This has drastically raised the curiosity level and expectations among the applicants and as a result, the buzz regarding Express entry draw is more this year.

List of Express Entry Draws Canada 2015-16

The 18th EE draw results came as a shocker

The draw results of the 18th EE draw came as a shocker to the applicants, when the qualifying marks rocketed to 538 points or more from the previous 490 mark. No one was expecting the massive upsurge in the CRS Score requirement and when it happened, most of the people were taken aback.

What are the expectations from 19th draw of Express entry?

Once again, there are huge expectations from the 19th express entry draw. Most of the Express entry applicants have a question in their mind, i.e. will the qualifying marks come down below 500?

Well, I dont think anyone has the straightforward answer to this question, however, looking at the past EE draw trends; its likely to remain close to 500 mark only. Even if CRS score requirement comes down from the previous 538 mark, it will still remain close to 500 points. Hence, the applicants should not keep very high hope from the next draw, rather they need to focus on the enhancement of their own profile. Also, the applicants are suggested to keep an eye on the other Canadian immigration programs as well, which are in Pipeline.

Keep an eye on the upcoming Canadian Immigration programs

If you are an express entry applicant, you must keep an eye on the other Canadian immigration programs as well, i.e. SINP, and other Provincial Nominee Programs. If you are serious about moving to Canada, you must not sit idle and wait for the each EE Draw, hoping that one of them will come in your favor. Rather, you must look out for alternate options.

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