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11th Express Entry draw- Will the extent of fall in qualifying marks grow

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 30, May 2018

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We are half way through 2018 and now all eyes are on IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) as to what it has got in its kitty for the applicants with low CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score. The year 2018 so far has been dry for the express entry candidates, who have qualifying marks below 440 mark, as this is the lowest CRS score so far in this year demanded by IRCC to issue the invitation for Canadian PR visa.

Year 2017 was a Gala Time for Applicants

Last year was the great time for the candidates registered in express entry as IRCC made significant reduction in qualifying marks or CRS score requirement throughout the year. In fact, almost every express entry draw created a new record last year for lowest ever qualifying marks or highest ever number of invitations issued by the IRCC in a single EE draw.

As a result, in every EE draw last year, IRCC invited record number of candidates. In fact, the qualifying marks reduced to its lowest ever mark last year, i.e. 413 CRS points.

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No real respite by IRCC this year

This year, the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has not given any respite to the applicants with relatively low CRS score. In the first express entry draw of the year launched on January 10, 2018, the qualifying marks were 446 Points, while in the 10th and latest EE draw of the year 2018, qualifying marks are 440 CRS points. So after 9 EE draw this year, CRS score requirement has just dropped by 6 points only.

In fact, in last three draws, CRS score requirement or qualifying marks have been reduced by just single point by IRCC. This is quite surprising pattern being followed by the IRCC this year.

What are the hopes from 11th Express Entry draw of the year?

There is one more trend active in EE draw this year. The government is inviting 3000-3500 candidates in every draw. If IRCC keeps this trend or pattern active throughout the year, we may see fall in the CRS score requirement in next few draws of federal Express Entry System.

As of now, increased number of Canada PR aspirants registering in Express Entry system, as a result the number of candidates with high CRS is not going down, and hence, IRCC don't have to reduce CRS score to issue 3000-3500 invitations. However, the number of new individuals registering in express entry will not be higher side all the time. Soon the candidates with high CRS score in express entry pool shall reduce, which will force the IRCC to make reduction in the qualifying marks.

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