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What is Canadian work permit?

A Canadian work permit is an employment authorization. It allows an individual to live and work in Canada for a specific employer up to four years. The work permits are issued by the IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada).

What is a Fundamental requirement of Canadian work permit?

In order to apply for work permit, you need to first obtain an LMIA (Labour market Impact Assessment) approved job offer from Canadian employer.

What is LMIA?

The Labour Market Impact Assessment is a document that a Canadian employer needs to obtain to hire an overseas skilled worker. It certifies that no Canadian worker is available to do the job being offered to a foreign skilled worker.

Is it possible to work in Canada without Job offer?

Yes! If you apply in the FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) stream of Canadian Express entry System, you can get the permanent residency in Canada without job offer. However, express entry follows a point based system and a Canadian job offer provides extra points to an applicant registered in express entry, enhancing his/her point score and making him/her eligible for Canadian Visa. The QSWP and few Provincial Nominee Programs also offer the Canadian PR to the selected applicants without any job offer requirement.

What is the processing time of a Canadian Work Permit?

A Canadian Work Permit processing time is based on the medical exam and other verification factors of an applicant. However, it usually takes few weeks to get processed.

Can I change the employer being on the same work permit?  

As per the process, Canadian work permit is usually linked to a particular employer. In case you want to change the employer, you also need to apply for a new Work Permit from IRCC.

Can Dependent Children, Spouse or Common law partner come to Canada along with the Temporary work permit holder?

Yes! A Canadian work permit holder can also accompany the dependent children, spouse, or common law partner to Canada. They may also follow him/her to Canada.

What is the Government fee for Canadian Work Permit?

The Canadian Government fee for the work permit application is CAD $155. Additional fee is levied if the TRV (temporary resident visa) is also needed.

How one can apply for a work permit?

You can submit the application for work permit online. Once you have received a positive LMIA approved job offer from Canada, you can apply online for work permit uploading the scan copies of all the essential documents.

Can a work permit be converted into Permanent residency in Canada?

A Canadian work permit is usually issued for up to 4 years. However, after acquiring the sufficient experience in Canada on work permit, one can apply for permanent residency as well through the CEC (Canadian Experience Class) stream of express entry system.

Is medical exam compulsory for a Work permit application?

A medical examination usually depends on the country of residence of the candidate. You may require undergoing a medical exam before the work permit approval in case the work permit is being issued for more than 6 months.

However it is always compulsory in case you are applying for an occupation that needs the public health protection.


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