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New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program – FAQs


What is New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)?

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is a crucial provincial nominee program of Canada. It runs in collaboration with the federal government and invites the applications for PR Visa, to meet its economy and labour market needs.

What are the key streams of NBPNP?

The keys streams of NBPNP are as follows:

  • New Brunswick Business Applicants Stream
  • New Brunswick Skilled Worker with Family Support Stream
  • New Brunswick Skilled Worker with Employer Support Stream
  • New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream

What is the process to apply in NBPNP?

You can divide the NBPNP immigration process in two easy steps, i.e.

  • If you are interested to apply in NBPNP, submit the duly filled application along with documents. The NBPNP will review your application and if you are selected, you will get the nomination certificate.
  • Obtain the nomination certificate, and apply to IRCC for PR visa, based on the certificate

A candidate needs to apply for PR visa, within 6 months of receiving the nomination certificate from the province.

What is skilled worker – Family Support stream?

This particular stream has been designed for those applicants, who have previously worked in the province and have got the family connections in the province. However, the applicant must be sponsored by the family member in Canada.  The family member can be anyone among the below

  • Brother or sister,
  • Niece or nephew (children of brothers or sisters), or
  • Non-dependent child,

What is Skilled Worker- Employer Support Stream?

This particular stream has been designed for the candidates who have got a fulltime job offer from an employer in New Brunswick. However, the employer needs to ensure the following:

  • No Canadian permanent resident/citizen was available to take up the job
  • The job offered to an overseas skilled worker adheres to the provincial employment standards and wages.

What is Express Entry Labour Market Stream of New Brunswick?

This particular stream allows the province of New Brunswick to choose the right immigrants to meet the labour market needs of province, through the EOI based process of Express Entry System. The candidates can submit the EOI to NBPNP and if they selected in the draw based on their profile score, they will get the invitation to apply via email. The NBPNP applicants than apply to federal express entry system to get their application processed as per the processing time of express entry.

What is Business Applicant Stream?

The Business Applicant stream has been designed for those candidates who wish to buy, or develop a business in the province of New Brunswick and settle here on a permanent basis. However, the candidates applying under Business applicant stream need to submit the business plan to establish business and settle in the province.

Can an applicant selected in NBPNP need to live in the province permanently?

Well as per the NBPNP process, you submit the settlement plan to settle in the province on a permanent basis. The province also expects the applicants to settle here permanently. However, the Canadian law provide right to the permanent residents and citizens of Canada to live anywhere in Canada. Hence, once you become a permanent resident, you are free to live any province or territory of Canada.

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