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Mon projet Québec – FAQs


What is Mon projet Québec?

Launched on January 5, 2016, Mon projet Québec is an online system that is used to manage and process the applications received for the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) via Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) of Canadian province, Quebec. The candidates, who get selected for the CSQ, become eligible to apply for PR visa to the Federal government (IRCC).

Mon projet Québec is available in which language?

Mon projet Québec is available in the French language only. However, to read and understand the instructions, ‘Documents Utiles’ is available on secure space of Mon projet Québec. A user guide is also available online to help the applicants create their first ‘Mon Projet Quebec’ account.

What are the supporting documents needed to apply via Mon Projet Quebec?

When a user creates account on Mon projet Québec, a document checklist is sent to him/her, based on the information he/she has provided.

How the Supporting documents can be sent?

A candidate can send the supporting documents by mail within the 90 days from the time when it is asked. Processing of the application will begin, only when you submit the documents. If the documents are not as per the format requested, candidate needs to give a written explanation for the same.

When a user can create account on Mon Projet Quebec?

The province of Quebec announces the date in advance, as to when you can create an account and when the intake is opening. Usually, the new accounts are created upon closing of an application intake.

What is the Government processing fees for Mon Projet Quebec?

The detail of processing fees is as follows:

  • Fees for Principal Applicant- CAD $773
  • Fees for Spouse, de facto Partner- CAD $166
  • Dependent Children fees- CAD $166

How many Applications are usually received for QSWP through ‘Mon Projet Quebec’?

Well, there is no set criterion; it depends on the annual immigration quota allocated to Quebec province by IRCC. The Quebec every year announces the total applications to be accepted in the year and time for opening of the intake periods.

This financial year, QSWP had the target of accepting 10,000 applications between the dates April 01, 2016 to March 31, 2017, which has already been fulfilled.

What is ‘Virtual Waiting Room’?

When a candidate applies in ‘Mon Projet Quebec’ during high traffic, he/she is automatically gets directed to a ‘Virtual Waiting Room’. It has been designed to keep a candidate in line for his/her turn and inform him about his current status in the queue.

Is it possible to create account and submit application during the QSWP application intake period?

No, it is not possible to create new ‘Mon Projet Quebec’ account during application intake period. If you want to submit application in QSWP during the intake period, you have to create account well in advance. You won’t be able to create a new account once the intake is open to accept applications.

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