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How to apply for Tourist Visa in Canada from India?

Canada is one of the most ideal tourism destinations in the world. Tourists and travelers from all parts of the world come to Canada to enjoy short holiday or to meet their relatives, friends, etc. The lenient immigration policies of Canada also lure the immigrants and travelers from different parts of the globe to Canada.

New Tourism Vision of Canada

Canada has recently revealed its new Tourism Vision. As per New Tourism Vision of Canada, it plans to be among top 10 international destinations in the world by 2025. The government of Canada wants to facilitate and encourage more and more international visitors to come to Canada on trip, holiday or vacations.

Key Tourism Attractions in Canada

If you are planning a trip to Canada, here are a few key tourism attractions for you:

  • Explore the Natural Landscape in Canada: Canada is a country blessed with a few of world’s most beautiful natural places. You can plan your visit to Beautiful Niagara falls, Butchart Garden, Stanley Park, Morain Lake, etc.
  • National Parks: If you are fond of exploring wildlife or national parks, you can plan your visit to Gros Morne National Park, Pacific Rim National Park, Cape Breton Highlands, Yoho National Park, etc.
  • Food and Nightlife: You will find one of the best food and wines in Canada. Plan your food tour in Quebec city or can explore Niagara’s wine making heritage. You can also get a lifetime experience by planning a Niagara night tour with dinner and cruise.
  • Enjoy Boat Tours and Water Sports: If you like river rafting, boat tour, water sports, etc. you can plan a visit to Chinook Rafting, Archipelago Wildlife Cruises, Ocean Eco Ventures Whale Watching, etc.
  • Helicopter or Balloon Tour: The helicopter or balloon tour over Niagara Falls or Toronto, or the seaplane flight to Victoria or Vancouver will fill you with thrill and joy.
  • Recreation: You may also plan several recreational activities sin the maple leaf country, i.e. Climbing, Mountain biking, hiking, Skiing, Kayaking, etc.

However, to enjoy all such activities while exploring Canada, you must apply for appropriate tourist or visit visa in Canada.

Apply for Visit Visa to Travel to Canada as a Tourist from India

If you are from India, Visit Visa is the right option for you to visit Canada from India for short term. The Visit visa usually allows you to stay in Canada up to six months. The immigration officer will decide your exact period of stay in Canada, when you apply for Visit visa.

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Eligibility Requirements

To apply for tourist visa in Canada, you need to fulfill a few basic requirements, i.e.

  • You must be in good health
  • You must be of good character
  • Require having a valid passport and travel documents
  • Convince the immigration officer that you will leave Canada, once your visa is expired
  • Must have enough funds to support your stay in Canada

You may also need following:

  • TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) as per your citizenship
  • Letter of invitation
  • Medical examination

If you are applying for Canadian visa for the first time, it is advised to coordinate with genuine and trusted Visa Consultancy Service to confirm your eligibility and begin the process under the guidance of an immigration expert.

How we can help, you apply for Tourist/Visit Visa in Canada

If you seek advice, assistance or support to apply for tourist Visa in Canada, you can get in touch with Certified Canada immigration experts by sending a mail at [email protected]. We at Visas Avenue are leading and registered Canadian Visa and Immigration Consultancy firm India.

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