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Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) – FAQs

What is Canadian PR (Permanent Residency) Visa?

The Canadian PR Visa is a document/permission that allows you to immigrate to Canada and live/work there on a permanent basis. There are various rights and responsibilities associated with the Canadian Permanent residency (PR) status. The permanent residency provides you many benefits similar to a citizen of Canada. You may even apply for Canadian citizenship, if you have lived for three years in Canada as a permanent resident. Read more

How to Get PR (Permanent Residency) in Canada?

To get Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada, you need to apply in the any of the immigration programs of Canada offering PR. Most of the Canadian Immigration programs are point based, which allocate you points, based on the factors, i.e. age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. If your profile is selected in any of the immigration programs of Canada, you become eligible to apply for PR in Canada. Check your eligibility

Which are the Key Canadian Immigration Programs that offer PR to the successful applicants?

The key Canadian immigration Programs offering PR to the applicants are:

  • Express Entry System: It’s the federal immigration programs that offer PR to the successful candidates. Express entry is a popular online point based immigration system of Canada. To apply in express entry, you must submit online EOI and get selected in any of the periodic EE draws.
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP): It’s the immigration program of Quebec province in Canada. It’s also a point based program. You need to create an account on online ‘Mon Projet Quebec’ System to apply in QSWP. If you are selected in QSWP you get the Quebec Selection Certificate that makes you eligible to apply for PR in Canada.
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): Most of the provinces and territories in Canada have their Provincial Nominee Program to select skilled and talented immigrants to offer them PR in the province. If you apply and get selected in PNP of any province, you get nomination certificate from that province, which in turn makes you eligible to apply for PR visa to federal government (IRCC).

What are the benefits of Canadian PR?

Here are the key benefits of Canadian PR

  • It allows you to live and work in Canada for indefinite period
  • You may apply for citizenship after 3 years of permanent residency in Canada
  • You may sponsor your relatives to immigrate to Canada after certain period of time
  • You may get several Health care and other social benefits in Canada similar to Canadian Citizens.
  • You get the protection and rights under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms similar to a citizen of Canada.

What are the key requirements to apply for a PR visa in Canada?

To apply for PR visa in Canada, you need to

  • Obtain ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report from WES (Word Educational Service) or any other relevant authority
  • Acquire test score to prove your proficiency in English or French Language
  • Choose the relevant Immigration program to Apply
  • Apply in the immigration program online/offline as per the requirement and secure the minimum qualifying marks.
  • Provide health and character certifications, when submitting the application for PR visa
  • Fulfill the basic requirements of the immigration program you are applying. Check your eligibility

What is the immigration fees/charges involved to apply for PR visa in Canada?

The key charges involved, when you apply for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada are as follows:

  • The PR visa fee for primary applicant at now is CAD $550 (primary applicant).
  • Right of PR fee- CAD $490
  • Spouse/common law partner or family member fee- CAD $550

Apart from the application fee, below charges are also applicable

  • IELTS Test fee
  • ECA Through WES fee

What is the Canadian PR visa processing time?

The Canada PR visa processing time varies based on individual application accuracy and verification process. It also depends on the immigration program you apply. For instance, Express Entry claims the fastest processing time of 6 months. However, processing time may vary from 1 to 2 years, when you apply in other immigration programs of Canada.

When can a Canadian PR get Citizenship in Canada?

A Canadian PR holder, needs to be physically present in Canada as a permanent resident for at least 1,095 days within the five (5) years, to become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. Check your eligibility

What is the validity of Canadian PR?

The Canadian PR usually remains valid lifelong, provided you fulfil your residency obligation, i.e. after 60 months, you will have to renew the status, i.e. you need to show that you lived at least 24 months in Canada during that 60 months period, else you will lose your PR status.

How soon one need to move to Canada after getting PR approval?

When an applicant gets the Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR), there is an expiry date mentioned on it along with the temporary visa on the passport. If you observe carefully, this expiry date is, one year from the day of your medical test. Hence, after getting the COPR, you must make certain that you land in Canada prior to this expiry date.

Can you get Canada PR visa without having any job offer from Canada?

Yes. You can apply in the federal Express Entry System (i.e. the key program that allocates PR), even without job offer and if your point score is good enough, you can get the permanent residency visa approval from IRCC. Moreover, few Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) also nominate the people for Canadian PR, without demanding any job offer from them.

Is it worth it to take permanent residency in Canada?

Absolute. Canada is best country in the world based on quality of life, as per the recent best country survey done by US News and World report. It is also the 2nd best country in the world based on Citizenship.It also ranks top based on various parameters of being best country to live, i.e. education, available job options, safe for women, raising children, green living, etc. Canada not only best country to live and work, it also has most lenient immigration policy that allows the aspirants to apply and get permanent residency in Canada without much hassles.

What is the minimum IELTS score requirement to Apply Canadian PR?

To apply permanent residency in Canada through popular Express Entry system, you need to pass the English language proficiency test with CLB 7 score, i.e. IELTS band score 6 in all four language abilities, i.e. Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. However, since, you get immigration points based on your IELTS score, hence, higher score will get you higher points and thus, will increase your chances of getting Canada PR invitation from IRCC.Although, few Provincial Nominee Programs nominate applicant with low IELTS score as well, i.e. CLB 4 required by SINP-Occupation in Demand subcategory.

What is minimum Educational qualification required to apply Canada PR?

To apply Canadian PR through Express Entry system or via most PNPs, you needs to be at least graduate. However, you may get more immigration points for higher qualification than this. Check your eligibility

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