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Canadian Experience Class- FAQs


What is Canada Experience Class (CEC)?

The Canadian Experience Class is a specific stream of Federal express entry system that allows the temporary foreign workers (TFW) and international students who have spend certain time in Canada, can apply for permanent residency (PR) visa, provided he/she meet all the basic criteria of the program.

Can an applicant willing to live in Quebec, apply for the PR visa via CEC?

An applicant who is already living and working in Quebec on temporary basis need to apply for PR visa through the Quebec Experience Class category only.

What are the key eligibility Requirements of CEC?

Here are the key eligibility requirements of CEC:

  • An applicant must have the skilled mentioned in NOC (National Occupational Classification) of Canada.
  • An applicant must have minimum one year of fulltime work experience in his/her nominated occupant in the last three years.
  • Fulfill the minimum language proficiency requirements (in English or French)
  • Meet the other basic criteria of the program

Can Quebec Experience be counted if someone applies for PR visa through CEC?

The work experience anywhere in Canada can be counted towards CEC, provided the applicant intends to live outside Quebec.

Can a candidate with one year degree from post secondary educational institution in Canada apply for PR visa via CEC?

Well, usually only two year degree from a recognized post secondary educational institution in Canada is acceptable, however, if a candidate has another one year degree from any other post secondary educational institution in Canada, he/she can apply in CEC.

Can a foreign student count his/her work experience in Canada towards CEC, if it is not related to his/her education?

The work experience not related to education can be counted towards CEC, provided the foreign student has earned it, after graduating from a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Canada.

Can a candidate eligible for CEC, apply directly for PR visa?

The CEC is now the part of Express Entry System. Hence, candidates eligible for CEC need to submit EOI (expression of interest) in Express Entry first. They can apply for PR visa, only when they have received an ITA (invitation to apply) for visa being in the EE pool of candidates.

If a candidate has returned to his home country, will he be able to apply for PR visa via CEC?

Well, such candidate can definitely apply, if he/she fulfill the primary condition of CEC, i.e. he/she must have got the one year experience in Canada in past three years at the time when he/she is making an application.

Can a candidate count his/her second language course (English or French) towards the education requirement of CEC.

No, it’s not possible.  The component of second language course can be counted towards education but it’s not allowed to count the whole course based on a second language.

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