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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program- FAQs


What is British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)?

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) is the provincial nominee program (PNP) of the British Columbia province of Canada. It accepts the applications for provincial nomination and subsequently, nominates the selected candidates for the permanent residency in British Columbia, Canada. The BCPNP runs in coordination with the federal government of Canada (IRCC) and invites the highly skilled and talented immigrants, as per the labour market needs and requirements of the province of British Columbia.

What are the key streams of BCPNP?

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) accepts the application for its below key streams, i.e.

  • Skills Immigration
  • Entrepreneur Immigration.

The first stream aims to invite applications from the foreign skilled workers, whereas the second stream, accepts the application from those candidates who are looking to settle and invest in the BC province.

What are the sub-categories of Skill Immigration Stream?

This particular stream has been designed for the overseas skilled workers and international graduates, who have the skills and occupations matching any of the NOC (National Occupational Classification) occupations. The Skil Immigration stream can be further divided into below key sub-categories, i.e.

What is Entrepreneur Immigration stream of BCPNP?

The Entrepreneur Immigration stream has been designed for those aspirants, who are looking to settle as well as invest in province of British Columbia. The scheme can be further segregated in the below sub-categories, i.e.

  • Entrepreneur Category, and
  • Strategic Projects Category.

Is an applicant selected in BCPNP, required living permanently in British Columbia?

As per the BCPNP immigration process, an applicant need to show is intent to settle in British Columbia. Moreover, he/she needs to provide a settlement plan mentioning why and how they are planning to settle in the province of British Columbia. You are required signing a document called ‘intention to reside’ along with the application, which again is a part of convincing the authorities about your intention to settle in the BC.

Having said that, Canadian law allows the every Canadian citizen and permanent resident to live and work in any province or territory of Canada. Hence, once you have become the Canadian permanent resident, you can live and work any part of Canada.

What is processing time of BCNPNP applications?

The BCPNP invites the applications as per the annual immigration quota allocated to it by the federal government. The processing time of application received in BCPNP program are subject to the year and month it is received. The verification of profile details also take time depending on individual applications.

However, the skilled immigration applications received w.e.f. February, 2016 is estimated of receiving in 2-3 months. The processing time entrepreneur immigration stream is also depends on the year and month you have applied in. It is also subject to verification process. Usually, the application received from January, 2016 is estimated to get processed in 3-4 months.


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