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Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) – FAQs


What is Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)?

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is a crucial Immigration program of the Alberta province in Canada. It’s one of the PNPs that run in coordination with federal government of Canada. The AINP accepts the applications from highly skilled immigrants to nominate them for PR to IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada), as per the demand of its labour market and economy.

What are the key streams of AINP?

Here are the AINP’s key streams and their sub-categories:

  • Employer-Driven Stream
    • Skilled Worker Category
    • International Graduate Category
    • Semi-skilled Worker Category
  • Strategic Recruitment Stream
    • Compulsory and Optional Trades Category
    • Engineering Occupations Category
    • Post Graduate Worker Category
  • Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Is an applicant compulsory need to live permanently in Alberta, once he/she is selected in AINP?

Well, as per the AINP process, you need to provide the settlement plan to settle in Alberta, Canada and you also convince the immigration officer about your intent to settle in Alberta. Hence, the AINP prefers that a candidate should live and work in Alberta. However, as per the Canadian law, any citizen or permanent resident can live in any Canadian region/location. Hence, once you have got the Permanent Resident (PR) status, you can live in any province or territory of Canada.

What is Employer Driven Stream of AINP?

Under the Employer Driven Stream, the employers in Alberta nominate the foreign skilled workers to get those permanent jobs for which no Canadian is available to get employed. A candidate can apply for provincial nomination provided an employer in Alberta has offered him a permanent job and he has accepted the same. Here are the key sub-categories of Employer driven stream of AINP:

  • Skilled Worker Category: This is for the skilled workers, who have skills and experience to get employed in the NOC occupation levels, 0, A and B.
  • Semi- Skilled Worker Category: This sub-cateory is for those applicants, whose occupation doesn’t fall in 0, A, B NOC levels, however, includes in NOC level C and D.
  • International Graduate Category: This sub-category has been designed to allow the foreign graduates (who have complete post secondary education in the publically funded institution of Canada), to get employed in NOC A, 0 or B level occupations.

What is Strategic Recruitment Stream of AINP?

Under this stream the province of Alberta nominates the highly skilled workers to get PR in Alberta, Canada. However, no job offer is required from the candidates to apply under this stream. Here are the key sub-categories of this stream:

  • Engineering Occupations Category; and
  • Compulsory and Optional Trades Category
  • Post Graduate Worker Category.

What is Self Employed Farmer Stream of AINP?

This stream of AINP has been designed for those immigrants who have good experience in farming and who also have enough funds to buy and develop a farm in Alberta. The successful candidate under this stream gets the permanent residency in Alberta, Canada.

The applicants applying in this stream need to be farm owners or managers and they need to have the vision and plan to run the framing business in the province of Alberta.


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