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5 Good Reasons to get Permanent Residency in Canada from India in 2019

Canada has always lured the immigration aspirants, planning to move abroad, with its landscape beauty, outstanding infrastructure, breath-taking sceneries, mighty size, and democratic excellence. However, in last few years it has emerged as the leading destination to settle with family. Lenient immigration stance and changing immigration scenario across the world also helped Canada to emerge as the magnet for immigrants, especially for India.

Indians conventionally loved USA and UK, however, in last few years, adverse immigration stance adopted by these countries have shifted the paradigm. India also share special connection to Canada with thousands of people from Indian origin already settled in Canada since long.

Here are a few good reasons to get permanent residency in Canada from India in 2020.

  • Best country in the world for immigrants

Canada is 2020best country in the world for immigrants based on quality of life parameter as per US News and World report. It has also been ranked 2nd best country for the citizenship and also the 2ndbest country in the world for overall parameters. The ranking is given to all countries based on the basic infrastructure, available job opportunities, political stability, tax system of a country, cost of living, quality of life and cultural accessibility, etc.

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  • Multiyear Immigration plan of Canada

Canada has announced its Multiyear immigration plan (2018-2021), according to which, it will invite more than 1 million people as permanent residents by 2021. For the year 2020, Canadian government has annual immigration target of 3, 41,000. Hence, if you looking for immigration to Canada, this year, it is the best time to apply PR Visa.

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  • Lenient immigration Policy

Canadian government has the most lenient immigration policy in the world. In last few years, it has announced several steps to make its PR visa process and family reunification procedure easier. This has encouraged many immigration aspirants all over the world to apply and get permanent residency in Canada.

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  • Easiest Permanent Residency Process

Canada has one of the best permanent residency process in the world. Unlike USA, UK etc. countries it has relatively easy process requirements, and processing time for allocation of PR visa to the skilled immigration applicants and their families.

Canada’s Federal Express Entry System is the fastest online point based immigration system in the world that process the received application within six months. The provincial nominee programs to offer easy pathway to get permanent residency in Canada from India.

Support of the Government

The government of Canada provides best facilities to the new comers in the country, i.e. social security benefits, flexible environment for integration, help in settlement through immigrant serving organizations, etc. The permanent residents are not only allowed to live and work in Canada permanently but also they get the fundamental rights, like, free education, healthcare facilities, unemployment pension, security under Canadian law, etc.

Plan migration to Canada in 2020

If you wish to move to Canada from India in2020 on PR Visa, this year is the best time to go for the same as Canadian government is looking for the skilled and talented people as well. You may coordinate with a trusted Visa Consultant to apply relevant skilled permanent Visa in Canada through the most appropriate immigration program. Visas Avenue is one of the best Visa consultants around with incredible success rate for acquiring visa approvals for the applicants.

You may call Visas Avenue migration experts on Toll Free Number– 78-18-000-777. Moreover, to get your eligibility checked and subsequently, receive a call from the expert, you may fill the free assessment form.


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